Introducing SciStarter 2.0; built with you in mind.

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You spoke, SciStarter listened. Check out the new SciStarter, your source for real science you can do, featuring more than 1600 current opportunities for you (yup, you!) to advance scientific research, locally or globally. Most of the awesome citizen science projects you learn about here (on this Citizen Science Salon blog and throughout the awesome website), are sourced from SciStarter, through a long-standing partnership and commitment to bring you opportunities to take action on topics you care about.

Help scientists and community leaders monitor the quality of water, air and soil near you. Learn how to report levels of light pollution, a serious issue affecting sleeping and nesting habits of wildlife (not to mention it’s the reason you probably can’t see the Milky Way!). Or help Alzheimer’s researchers analyze real brain blood flow movies and simply click an image to record when blood vessels are stalled.

With support from the National Science Foundation and others, and your feedback, SciStarter created new features for participants, projects owners, and researchers.  Your dashboard, for example, is where you can bookmark, join, or track your contributions to projects and events of interest to you, connect with scientists, find other participants, and so much more.

Fill out your profile then complete this survey to let SciStarter know what you think about the new features.

Your feedback will help them understand where to put efforts next in order to support your interests and needs in citizen science.

Want more citizen science? Check out SciStarter’s Project Finder!

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