Bitcoin Mining 101

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Ranked number two in Google’s world news search in 2017, most have heard of Bitcoin (BTC), yet remain puzzled by the concept of Bitcoin mining. Recent headlines illustrate Bitcoin miners hacking computers through YouTube ads, being banned by state governments, and overcharged by electric companies. Yet, it is entirely understandable if you are still asking yourself, “What the heck is Bitcoin mining?” The Concept Bitcoin mining is an activity which adds bitcoin transact more

Uranus Smells Exactly How You Think It Does

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The planet Uranus. It smells bad here. (Credit: NASA) Scientists confirm that Uranus’ atmosphere contains hydrogen sulfide, a compound long suspected to be swirling about in the planet’s clouds. Using the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii, researchers from the United Kingdom analyzed Uranus using a technique known as spectroscopy to identify the elements contained within. They relied on the Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer (NIFS) at Gemini for the task, which invo more

Scientists CT Scan An Entire Whale to Study Its Ears

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A minke whale surfacing. (Credit: Graeme Snow/Shutterstock) How do you get inside a whale’s head? With a CT-scanner made for rocket bodies, that’s how. Researchers from San Diego State University stuck an entire juvenile minke whale inside a computed tomography (CT) scanning machine to virtually slice and dice its anatomy with X-rays. Their goal was to get a look at the structures that allow whales to hear underwater and better understand a sense that’s vital for these underw more

Is It Time For A New Astronomical Yardstick?

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An illustration of the scale of our solar system. Distances here are measured in astronomical units (AU). (Credit: NASA) Click on an article about space on Discover, and you’ll likely run into a measurement in terms of light-years, solar masses, astronomical units, or arcminutes. These units are unique to astronomy, and all can be expressed in terms of other, more fundamental units, such as meters, grams, and degrees. In a paper published April 1 in Astronomy & Geophysics, Keit more

'Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch' Season 1 Contestants Raised $492,000 on Indiegogo

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Whether or not they got an investment on the show, these entrepreneurs succeeded with the crowd. April 23, 2018 3 min read In season 1 of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch -- a pitch competition show where contestants have 60 seconds to present their ideas in an actual elevator -- founders gave it their all to reach the boardroom for a chance to convince a panel of investors to back their businesses. But for many, the fundraising journey didn’t start or end in the elevator. Elevator Pitch entrep more

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