What Studying Primate Communication Tells Us About Our Own Language Abilities

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(Credit: LiaoZhuangDjiu/Shutterstock) Kanzi is a linguistic all-star among apes. From an early age, the captive bonobo learned over 400 symbols representing words, which he points to, in order to communicate with people. He understands even more spoken English and basic grammar, and followed verbal directions as well as a 2-year-old human during a study conducted in the late 80s. Having watched Kanzi clips more times than I care to admit, I’m ceaselessly amazed by his communication skill ...read more

Daily Crypto Roundup 11/16/2018

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As the dust settles from yesterday’s Bitcoin Cash fork, EOS sees decentralization issues, a possible bounce for Bitcoin, big inflatable Bitcoin rat protesting, further SEC ICO rulings, and the use of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. Catch up on today’s news details. EOS Stolen Funds Arbitration Ruling Scoffs At Decentralization EOS has seen significant attention during many points this year. EOS looked to provide a decentralized scalable option. Although EOS’ true decentralizatio ...read more

Facebook's Top Brass Say They Knew Nothing About Definers. Don't Believe Them.

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Sweet, wide-eyed Mark Zuckerberg swears he didn’t know anything. The Facebook CEO was shocked and appalled at the conduct of his company, he told reporters on a conference call Thursday, responding to a bombshell New York Times report that Facebook hired a D.C. opposition research firm called Definers Public Affairs which proceeded to undertake all manner of ethically fraught actions on its behalf. “I learned about this yesterday,” Zuckerberg said. Pressed to explain who, then, ...read more

Discovered under Greenland ice: a massive meteor impact crater the size of New York City

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An international team of scientists has discovered a massive meteor crater under a glacier at the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. This artist’s rendition shows what the meteor impact might have looked like. (Source: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Jefferson Beck) A very curious feature has long been visible in satellite images of Greenland’s massive ice sheet, but until now, no one really knew for sure what formed it. The edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet include ...read more

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