Screen Time Might Not Be As Bad For Mental Health As We Thought

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Reports of screen time's harms may have been greatly exaggerated. (Credit: aslysun/Shutterstock) Today, our phones can seem less like friends and more like the other half of a toxic relationship. We rely on them for our daily activities, even as concerns over the effects of screen time on well-being mount. The phobia has even prompted the development of a new consulting gig: screen-free parenting coaches. But now researchers argue the terror surrounding screens lacks evidence and they sa more

A whale of a tail: humpback Morse code, and a phytoplankton bloom so intense it’s visible from space

Posted on Categories Discover Magazine While I was on a whale-watching trip out of Akureyri, Iceland in late June, a humpback whale approached our boat and began vigorously slapping its tail and pectoral fins on the water. The humpback was breathtakingly close to us, and the dramatic behavior lasted for more than five minutes. Check it out in the video I shot above. (Please accept my apologies for the distracting wind noise — I was not equipped at the time with an external mic and windscreen more

If Wormholes Exist, Could We Really Travel Through Them?

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Wormholes could offer a path to the most distant places in the universe. (Credit: dimonika/Shutterstock) Wormholes make the best shortcuts in the universe. That’s true in a literal sense, since the theoretical things can connect distant corners of the cosmos (or even different universes), allowing a traveler to go someplace without having to visit everywhere in between. But wormholes also present the perfect way for writers to get around that pesky speed of light, the universe's spee more

Behind the scenes of INVENTING TOMORROW with the WaterInsights Team

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The documentary INVENTING TOMORROW follows several young scientists on their journey to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a program of Society for Science & the Public, with projects that tackle complex environmental issues affecting water, air, and soil quality. INVENTING TOMORROW Broadcast on July 29, 2019 You can catch this documentary tonight on POV Docs, television’s longest-running showcase for nonfiction films on PBS. more

How Fireflies Glow — And What Their Signals Mean

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The glow of fireflies on a summer night is actually a complex mating dance. (Credit: Shutterstock) You might not really be sure you saw what you think you saw when the first one shows up. But you stare in the direction of the flicker of light and there it is again – the first firefly of the evening. If you are in good firefly habitat, soon there are dozens, or even hundreds, of the insects flying about, flashing their mysterious signals. Fireflies – alternatively known as light more

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