Kids With Autism Might Get Anxiety Because They Can’t Predict the Future

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(Credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock) Children with autism have a hard time interacting with others. Although they may find people fascinating, they struggle with talking and relating to others. Many autistic kids have trouble adapting when routines change and struggle with anxiety. Now researchers find an inability to predict the future may be the source of anxiety in children with autism. The results hint that many traits of autism such as the desire for sameness and repetitive behaviors more

New Date For ‘Late Heavy Bombardment’ May Change Life’s Timeline on Earth

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Asteroids may have stopped pummeling Earth some 600 million years earlier than scientists thought, giving life that much more time to evolve. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) The solar system once experienced a meteor shower of epic proportions: Asteroids whizzed around the inner planets, crashing down in a rain of fire that left their surfaces scarred for billions of years. Astronomers typically call this period the Late Heavy Bombardment. But exactly when that fiery assault happened has been more

Neanderthal’s Got ‘Surfer’s Ear’ A Lot, Study Says

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A reconstruction of a Neanderthal man and child at Vienna's Natural History Museum. (Credit: Wolfgang Sauber/Wikimedia Commons Being a lifelong surfer or diver sometimes comes with an odd side-effect: the growth of small, bony knobs in the ear canals, the result of chronic exposure to cold water and air. They're often referred to as "surfer's ear" because the condition is common among those who ride the waves. But there might well be a more apt term for the condition, based on new finding more

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