The Basics of Amazon

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Since it was founded in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookseller, Amazon has grown rapidly and it is now one of the world’s largest companies, and by far the world’s largest ecommerce company. This is pretty good, considering Amazon’s humble beginnings.

No matter what product you are looking for, you can probably <a href=”“>find it on Amazon</a>. Amazon holds almost 50% of the US ecommerce market, and there are over 3 billion products on its website. What’s more, lots of other successful companies such as Styletread have started to form partnerships with Amazon, in hopes of further increasing their own profit by selling their products on the eCommerce giant’s website. The bottom line is that if you can’t find a product on Amazon, you probably won’t find it anywhere else.

Amazon often has lots of interesting offers and deals too, which has helped it get very popular over time and grow to its lofty heights.

The US market is not the only place where Amazon has a presence and found huge success. The ecommerce giant has a number of local sites which are dotted around the world, and Bezos has ambitions of Amazon reaching all corners of the globe.

Amazon is now one of the internet’s most formidable success stories. Over time, Jeff Bezos has turned Amazon into a household name which everybody has heard of, and most people have used. It is now a mainstream success and has seen rapid growth over the last decade. Its innovative developments and unique approach to business have been key to its success.

Amazon is also huge on all things robotic and AI. It is now incorporating AI technologies into its daily operations and Amazon utilizes over 45,000 robots at present in its warehouses and fulfilment centres. The company is even piloting a drone delivery system, and expects to has 450,000 drones in its fleet by 2020!

If you want to learn even more interesting facts about Amazon, give our infographic below a quick read, where you can find lots of cool facts and figures.


Josh Wardini